Celtic folk music

The Celts originally stems from peoples from the Bronze Age. These people came from Eastern Europe to the West , long before the Roman era.

Celtic area as today is defined, runs from northern Spain, along the Atlantic coast to Ireland and Scotland. This offers a wide range of musical styles that nevertheless also again have recognizable similarities.

The Celtic music is as old as the Celtic people. The bagpipe is a widely used tool but certainly not the only one. We also know the Bohdrán (drum), the Crwth or Crout, a stringed instrument, and the thin whistle, a flute.

Irish folk music is the most famous Celtic music of today. Even before the beginning of the era the music was very important in the Irish culture. Until two hundred years ago, the music was mainly in Irish-Gaelic, but the use of the Irish strongly discouraged below. Today also many Irish folk is made in the English language.

Prior to the renewed flourishing of the Celtic culture in the last quarter of the last century grew in the 60’er interest in Irish music. The traditional music is now mixed with a modern sound.

The repertoire of Frjemd Folk is as diverse as the landscape of the Celtic area: from rough and unruly as the rocky coasts of Ireland, as in the battle song “Follow me up to Carlow”, to the charming and almost melancholic Breton area “Fields of Gold”.