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The adres for all yourCeltic products: Irish, Scottish,Breton and Viking.
Also present on the Frjemd Folk Festival om June 29th. 2019


Zingen voor je Leven Leeuwarden

This choir consists of people who have cancer or have people close to them who have got cancer. They sing because singing helps and heals. Zingen voor je Leven and Frjemd Folk have performed together several times now.



The Dutch / Frisian band Kapriol'! plays lively music from the Dutch and Frisian tradition as well as their own tunes.Because these musicians have different backgrounds their music showcases influences of several styles: Medieval, Scandinavian, Spanish, Celtic, Balkan and Salsa or Jazz.


The Doggy Few

The Doggy Few Irish Party Music!
The Doggy Few are a special band of friends playing traditional Irish and Scottish music.

Folkmusician Erik de Jong a.o. Whether you'r looking for a solist musician for background music, or a multi headed spectactular music band with a dance workshop, it's all on thise site.


Dansschool Keltisch Dansje

Irish dance workshops
Irish Dansschool Keltisch Dansje trys to make everyone in Holland dance the Irish way.


Celtic Webmerchant

A site in the Dutch language with a lot of information about everything that is that has something to do with Celtic.
They have also a good web shop.


Fairyland Helmond

Shop and Webshop sells clothing and accesories. One of Frjemd Folk's suppliers.


Scottish Folk Music

  • Info about Folk groups and singers
  • Events ad performances
  • Lyrics
  • Links to other folk sites


    De Swemmersjongers

    Shantychoir De Swemmersjongers from De Westereen (NL).