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Frjemd Folk Festival 2019

On the 29th of June we experienced our second edition of the Frjemd Folk Festival. The circumstances were almost tropical, but we were able to welcome a lot of visitors again. We had a wonderful line-up with the following artists: : A’Hooligan uit Schotland, Joint String Friends, Paddy’s Day Off and the Grayham Lowlanders Pipes and Drums. And of course Frjemd Folk! The gigs were on 3 stages with at each one of them a background of the pubs we performed ourselves in Ireland and Scotland.
In addition to that there were shows with Frisian horses, accompanied by music of several musicians and a dance demonstration by the group Keltisch Dansje. The visitors enthusiastically took part in those demonstrations. The archery club Boreas also was part of the festival again. The Celtic market on site counted many stalls with divergent products. For the children there were many possibilities to play and enjoy as well.
We noticed again that the mood was relaxed and cozy, all our guests seemed to enjoy the music on the various stages. But they also enjoyed the possibility to meet each other and enjoy some foods and drinks. The limited size and the beautiful location of our festival encouraged this.

A festival like this can only be arranged with the help of a lot of volunteers, months prior to the event and on the day itself. And with the help of the sponsors as: Alfin, Dijkstra@Home, Jous Architecten, Kooistra.Com, Alle Pilat, Aldrik Pilat, Pranger en Rosier, Tekenplein, Vloeren XXL and WMR, and the material sponsors Bosgraaf Installaties, Feenstra, Hornbouw and Sijperda Verhuur.

But most importantly is of course to be able to do this for you: our visitors and lovers of the Celtic music. And we are very happy with that!

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Posted on 13-08-2019


News about the Frjemd Folk Festival

The 2nd edition of the Frjemd Folk Festival takes place on Saturday June 29th .
Quickly after the first successful festival to celebrate the 10 year anniversary in 2017 there were a lot of requests for a follow up. On this occasion the festival will take place again on home soil of Frjemd Folk, de Boskreed in Kollumerzwaag.
Of course we will perform ourselves, but also the Joint String Friends, Paddy’s Day Off as well as the Scottish group A’Hooligan will perform. Graham Lowlanders Pipes en Drums from Leeuwarden will show us their tricks. In addition to that you can expect an Irish dance workshop, a show with Frisian horses on Celtic music and archery.

A market with demonstrations and sales of handcraft and thematic products will also be organized on the venue. Of course the necessary food and drinks will be available. Everything will be in a Celtic atmosphere. So there is no need to be having a bored afternoon.
In the last weeks and the next couple of weeks all the performing artists can be heard in the Noardewyn Live program at Omrop Fryslân

We would like to invite you all for this festival. The festival venue at de Boskreed can be reached from de Foarwei in Kollumerzwaag. Follow the signs. There will be enough parking opportunity. The entrance fee will be €10,- pro person, children up to 12 years have free entrance. The festival starts at 2PM and will continue until around 10PM.

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Published on 10-06-2019


Scotland Tour 2018.

At last it is August 1st, after we have started our preparations around Christmas 2017. The first part of our group travels by ferry in two cars with the instruments from IJmuiden to Newcastle on the 1st of August. On the 2nd of August the others follow by plane from Schiphol to Glasgow. That group then travels by car via Glencoe, Fort William and the north side of Loch Ness to Inverness where everyone assembles at the hotel at 5PM. This hotel is located in the middle of the city.
After dinner we go to the Hootenanny’s Bar close by, where we perform from 9 PM until after midnight. This is a large pub, where Young and Old gather. So we have a diverse audience and given the reactions they seem to appreciate our music. It is not common a large group as Frjemd Folk is performing in this pub. Most of the times a soloist or groups up to four people perform here. After a long journey we slept well in The Waverley Guest House.

Together we travel to Culloden Battlefield on Friday the 3rd of August. There a bloody battle took place between the English and he Scottish Jacobites, where the latter were beaten. This battle is revered to in many stories and songs and it was impressive to take a look around there.
During the afternoon we returned back to Inverness where everyone will go their own way. After an early dinner we perform at 6 PM in The Gellions a bit of a smaller pub, but very cosy. At the beginning of the evening there is a large amount of guests who enter for a drink, but who stick around because of our music. Here we see, just like yesterday, many tourists among the public. Nice to talk to the visitors in between and afterwards. Around 9 PM we make room for the next musician and have some time to enjoy the evening as audience and guest in the pubs.

Saturday August 4th. We leave around 10 AM for Pitlochry We follow a wonderful route along the soutbank of Loch Ness and we see a splendid part of the Highlands. On top of a hill we take a break and enjoy the fantastic views. In the little town of Spean Bridge we have a lunch stopover and we continue our trip through the Scottish nature to Pitlochry.
Here we spend the night at the Pitlochry Hydro Hotel, where we have a gig in the evening. This is a large, castle-like hotel where we sing for the many guests. This is also a very varied and international company, with a couple of folk music-lovers who spontaneously invite us for a festival on the Orkney Islands in 2019!

Sunday the 5th of August we are homeward bound. The large group visits the town of Pitlochry and the dam before they travel to the airport of Glasgow. The car with instruments travels towards Newcastle for the journey with and sleep over on the ferry. And two of us continues the journey through Scotland to enjoy their vacation. And so our third international trip also comes to an end.

It is always a fantastic experience to see how our way of performing music in the countries of origin of the music is being appreciated. We receive so many enthusiastic, sometimes even emotional, reactions to our gigs. That surely gives us a good feeling and gives us the confirmation that we are performing the traditional from the Irish and Scottish folk music in a beautiful way.
A trip as this one, with a quite large group, asks for a lot of preparation. A word of appreciation goes to the ones who invest a lot of time in organizing the gigs, the sleepovers and arranging the travelling.

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posted on 24-08-2018


Summer 2018

On the 7th of July we started our summertour on festival Hits en Bits in De Hoeve . This nice and pleasant happening in the Cultural capital village of Fryslân offered a diversity of choirs and street artists. Very atmospheric.
And now on to SCOTLAND . All the preparations have been made and we are looking forward to it! A new highlight in our, meanwhile, 11 years of existence.
The first part of our group will travel by ferry on the 1st of August and on the 2nd of August the others will follow by plane. That same day we will have a gig in Inverness, Hootananny Bar . On August 3rd we perform in The Gallions Bar, also in Inverness. After that we will travel to Pitlochry where we will perform on the 4th of August in the Pitlochry Hydro Hotel . In the meantime we will travel to diverse places in Schotland, which we are singing about. For example Culloden and Glencoe.
We will keep you updated on our adventures on our Facebook page!

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Posted on 14-07-2018


Frjemd Folk visiting Scotland

In the summer of 2018, 2nd till the 5th of August, we will make a trip together to Scotland. After our two successful trips to Ireland we will now search for our Scottish roots. We will organize three gigs in Inverness and Pitlochry.
In addition to that we will look for the places we sing about like Culloden, Glencoe, Loch Lomond amongst others. And of course to get a sense of the Scottish culture.

Posted on 25-02-2018


10-02-2018 Skippersseal Oudega

After our gig in Bitgum in January we had our traditional gig in Oudega on the 10th of February. Gradually it has become our annual returning party. It was our 100th gig!
This time Koosje Schouten was our guest. Previously she was our guest at our Frjemd Folk Festival, together with the group Keltisch Dansje. Koosje has managed to get a reasonable amount of visitors on the dancefloor to study a Scottish dance.
Of cours there was plentiful room for our own music. It was a successful evening in spite of the lower turnout than previous editions.

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Posted on 25-02-2018


Autumn 2017.

We have started again with performing in September in Norg and De Westereen where we have sung at the street festival. In October our musical accompaniment was reinforced with Janet Hardorff, she doesn’t only play the guitar but the mandolin as well.
We performed in the atmospheric small church of Swichum on the 12th of November. This venue had been high on our wish list for a while. A week later we had a beautiful gig in the community centre of Terwispel . This attracted more than 80 visitors and in fact a real pub atmosphere emerged.
Now we are preparing ourselves for the new year. You can already note February 10th in your calendar. That will be our annually recurring gig in de Skippersseal in Aldegea. This time in cooperation with Koosje Schouten of Keltisch Dansje. We remember this group from our Frjemd Folk Festival. She will organise a workshop accompanied by our own musicians.

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Posted on 10-12-2017


Frjemd Folk Festival very successful!

Under ideal circumstances we have celebrated our 10 year anniversary on June 17th. The site at the Boskreed in Kollumerzwaag was cosily set up with a podium, dance floor, market stalls and catering. There was also a possibility to do archery and there was a nice playing area for the children.
Alongside Frjemd Folk there were performances by The Doggy Few, Kapriolˇ and the group Keltisch Dansje Other musical assistance was given by the trio Wim Cnossen, Hilke Broodaerts and Robert Waaksma with bagpipe, violin and guitar.
Visitors, we estimate the amount at 500, could enjoy musical performances in the afternoon and evening. Dance clinics, a jamsession and of course the brilliant performance of Fremer de Jager and Isha van der Weg on their Frisian horses. But above all from the relaxed atmosphere during this day.
Our special thank goes out to all the volunteers who have taken the work off our hands this day. Furthermore we want to mention the following companies and people who have cooperated to make this a special day:
Wiersma tentenverhuur, Pitt-shop, Boreas Boogschieten, Slager Riemersma, Bosgraaf Electro, Sijperda Verhuur, Visser Buitenreclame, Bouwbedrijf Kolthof, Van Tuijl verhuur, WMR, Stal Bosma, Roos Rozema, De Pottenkist, Nynke’s Design, Arnold Jansen Zalm, Kuipers Huiden, Ruurd Haakma, Jappie Hansma, Sannetje, Aldrik Pilat, Frisk Web en Marketing, Woudwijk IJs, Dijkstra Colors at Home Franeker, Alle Pilat Woonwinkel, Omrop Fryslân en Willem de Vries, Romers Leer, Loonbedrijf v.d. Beek, Palingroker vd Kooi and Riekele Veenstra Catering.
And of course thanks to all the visitors.

We assume that this Frjemd Folk Festival is certainly worth repeating…

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posted on 01-07-2017


Leeuwarden, performance for Omrop Fryslân

We were guests in the program Noardewyn Live of Omrop Fryslân on june the 6th. This program is broadcasted live on radio and television. We received enough time from presenter Willem de Vries to present our group. Besides that there was plenty of attention for the Frjemd Folk Festival on the 17th of June.
The week before us the group The Doggy Few, who will perform at our Festival on June the 17th as well, was guest in the same program. The group Kapriol, also present on the 17th, was represented today by our Violist Rutger Dijkstra
. We have performed three songs: The Broad Majestic Shannon, The Blantyre Explosion and The Bonny Ship the Diamond. This was a new unique experience for all of us and one of the highlights of our anniversary year.
The broadcast can be watched on the website of Omrop Fryslân, the Facebook page of Noardewyn Live and Youtube.

More information about our Festival on June 17 can be found in the news article below. The latest news about the Festival can also be found on our Facebook page.

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Frjemd Folk Festival 17th of June

Frjemd Folk exists ten years in 2017. This will be celebrated with a Folk festival on Saturday the 17th of June. The festival will take place on the native soil of this group, on the Boskreed in Kollumerzwaag.

Of course we will perform, but also groups like The Doggy Few, an Irish partyband from Groningen and Kapriol’! will be performing. In addition to that you can expect a workshop from the Irish danceschool Keltisch Dansje. More musicians will perform, including a bagpiper and there is the possibilty to do archery.
A small market with sales and demonstrations of handicrafts and thematic products will be available at the festival. Of course there will be a considerable amount of foods and drinks available. In brief: there will be enough action to be entertained this afternoon and evening. Also because you can join in on the activities by singing and make music by yourself.

Since our foundation we have built a broad repertoire of music from the Celtic area, such as Ireland and Scotland. This has been carried out in almost 100 gigs. Highlights were the trips to Ireland in 2014 and 2016, where we performed in local pubs and on the streets. In 2016 we released the CD “The Cliffs”.

We invite you all for this festival. We’d like to ask visitors who play folk music themselves to bring their own instruments for a jamsession.

The festival area at de Boskreed can be reached from Foarwei in Kollumerzwaag. Follow the signs. There will be sufficient parking space. Entrance fee is €5,- per person, free entry for kids below 12. The festival will start at 2 PM and will last until approximately 10 PM.

More information about The Doggy Few, Kapriol’! and Keltisch Dansje can be found under the button Links in our menu.

Published on 16-04-2017



You can order our CD The Cliffs by transfering the amount of € 14,= (CD plus shipping) into account:
IBAN number NL62RABO0328577030 in the name of C.W.Folkersma.
Please notice: Also mention your name and address at the money transfer, otherwise we don’t know where to send the CD. Please also mention an E-mailaddress, so we can contact you if necessary.
Please allow us at least three weeks for delivery.


Oudega Skippersseal

We had our traditional annual gig in the Skippersseal in Oudega (Sm) on Saturday evening the 11th of February. It was our 10th time there and it was the 8th gig we organized by ourselves. We played old as well as new reportoire, with new solists. In addition to that we had a sneak peak of the celebration of our 10 year anniversary, later this year.
A couple of old friends have cooperated this evening, namely Hilly Harms, Johanna Van der Veen and Nanne and Ankie. A wonderful addition to our own work. In the enjoyable well filled environment we had a nice evening with those friends.

Posted on 15-02-2017


Advance notice Frjemd Folk Festival

We will celebrate our 10 year anniversary on Saturday the 17th of June. We will do this with a large Frjemd Folk Festival in Kollumerzwaag. Next to a couple of Folk Artists and groups there will be experiences in the area of dance, tasteful food and making music together.
In any event The Doggy Few (Irish partyband) will perform next to Frjemd Folk .
For more information please follow our Facebook page and this website.

Posted on 26-01-2017



Sunday afternoon the 20th of November 2016 we were in de Dorpskerk of Huizum. We had organized this gig by ourselves and we could count on the enthusiastic assistance of the volunteers of de Dorpskerk.
In spite of the stormy weather around 70 people came to listen to our performance. It is pleasant to sing in this church and all the songs we sang came across well on the audience. After around two and a half hour we received a standing ovation. We have sang with a lot of enjoyment and would like to come back again.
You can find a video of this afternoon with a part of the song Dark Loch Nagar on our Facebook page.

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Posted on 28-11-2016


Oentsjerk, CD release

We have released our CD The Cliffs in de Tuinzaal of Stania State on Sunday the 25th of September. The first CD was presented to our Frjemde Freondinne Hilly Harms. The CD was recorded in the Sing-Sing studio of Milan Ciric in Metslawier.
Despite, or helped by, the beautiful weather there were approximately 150 visitors inside, whereas the terrace was well filled as well. For the visitors we have sung a couple of tracks from the CD and a few new songs. The presentation in general of this afternoon was held by Hennie v.d. Heide.
We are very happy with our album and we hope all the buyers will have a lot of fun listening to it.

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Posted on 04-10-2016


The second half.

After just a short break, it’s only a few weeks ago when we got back from Ireland, for us the second half of 2016 starts on the 28th of August. We start with a practice evening in our usual practice home at de Boskreed in Kollumerzwaag and then we will perform in the evening of the 2nd of September at de Samenloop voor Hoop in Kollum. We are willingly to contribute for this good cause.

After that we work towards another highlight for this year, which will be the presentation of our CD The Cliffs, on Sunday afternoon the 25th of September in Staniastate in Oenkerk.

During this and following gigs you will find violinist Rutger Dijkstra in our midst. He has also travelled with us to Ireland. Rutger is known in the folk music world, from the group Kapriol’! among others.
We will approach these events with great enthusiasm. On to our ten year anniversary in 2017! For all the gigs please consult our agenda on the website and follow us on Facebook.

Posted on 23-08-2016


Our journey to Ireland July 2016

On th 27th of July 21 Frjemd Folkers and company depart by airplane to Ireland. Two members of the group have travelled ahead by car and have taken the instruments. From the airport in Dublin we travel by three cars into the west, to Westport. Here we stay in two B&B’s Quay West and Boffin Lodge.
Straight away we have to get to work, because we already perform that evening in McGings Pub. It’s comfortably busy, the people here stay in one pub the whole evening. The owner Anthony is fired up: “A full house on Wednesday!”, he is not used to that. After this long day we are off for a good rest in our B&B’s!
The next morning, Thursday, we leave with a full belly of Irish breakfast in the direction of Clifden. We choose a beautiful touristic route by small roads and despite the rain we get out of the car often to enjoy the wonderful surroundings. In the afternoon we arrive at The Inn to the West, our residence for the upcoming two days.
In the beginning of the evening we will eat at Mullarkey’s Bar where we will perform two evenings. On this Thursday night an English group “Harbottle and Jonas will perform first and at half past ten it is the turn of Frjemd Folk to entertain the audience. We sing until about half past twelve. This pub is a little bit bigger than McGings and there is plentiful audience.
On Friday morning everyone can do what they want, a part of the group is going to make another round trip in the area. We drive to the coast where firstly we spend some time on the beach, the weather is good now and afterwards we drive along to the picturesque Roundstone, a very nice harbour village. Here we have a coffee and cake and then back to Clifden. In the afternoon we do some advertising for this evenings gig. It attracts a good amount of audience and our performance is appreciated. The local catering business spontaneously brings us glasses of Guinness, we don’t have to get thirsty.
After our dinner in the evening, again at Mullarkey’s Bar, we start 10 PM’ish with our performance. Again we are singing with determination and the visitors and listeners are again enjoying it to the fullest. Jason Foyle owner, is very fired up as well. They are not used to those big groups performing here.
The next day, Saturday, we leave in the late morning in the direction of Athlone but not before we have sung in the hotel in front of the guests and the personnel. Athlone is midway Dublin. A part of the group stops on the way in Athenry. In Athlone we sleep in Shamrock Lodge a hotel on the border of the centre. In the evening we go to the city for something to eat and after a walk through this old city riverside Shannon, after that we visit the eldest pub of Ireland Seans’ Bar. Full, to burst at the seams but a very nice pub sphere. Around midnight most of the Frjemd Folkers are in dreamland, because tomorrow unfortunately we have to go back home
Sunday the 31st of July we leave around half past 8 in the direction of Dublin. It is still about a 100km drive. Returning back the rental cars is quick and just after midday Ryanair takes us back to Eindhoven.
We have experienced the atmosphere in the west of Ireland, the countryside is so much different in comparison to Dublin. It all is a little more easy-going and less business. We have experienced once again that our music is very much appreciated in Ireland. For us another signal we are on the right track. But we enjoy ourselves very much as well during such a trip to “our” Ireland.

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Posted on 09-08-2016


CD presentation

We are going to present our CD “The Cliffs” on Sunday afternoon the 25th of September. We will do this in Stania State in Oenkerk, in the “Tuinzaal”. We will start 15.30 o’clock.
We have recorded the CD this spring in the Singsing studio of Milan Ciric in Metslawier. We are very proud of the final result and of course would like to share this with our fans. That afternoon our Frjemd Folk friend Hilly Harms will also narrate one of her beautiful Keltic stories.
Obviously our CD will also be for sale in Oenkerk for a price of €10,- apiece. After 25-09 the CD will also be available through mail. We will be able to give more information about that in due course. You can find a sample of our CD under the button “our Music” in the menu of our website.

Posted on 09-07-2016


A journey to Ireland 2016

We will travel to Ireland on the 27th of July. We will perform in McGingsPub in Westport and twice in Mullarkeys Bar in Clifden. Violist Rutger Dijkstra will travel along as guest musician.
Of course we will enjoy the beautiful landscape of Western Ireland to the fullest during those days. We will make a stopover in Athlone on Saturday the 30th of July, after which we will fly back to the Netherlands the next day.
It will be our second time we will travel to Ireland to perform there and we expect as much as fun and success as we had in 2014 when we were in Dublin. During our trip we will try to keep you updated on our adventures through Facebook.

Posted on 09-07-2016


Gigs this fall

Apart from our trip to Ireland and the CD presentation we will perform in Kollum during de Samenloop voor Hoop on Friday the 2nd in September. Time: 22.45 o’clock at het “Kaatsterrein” where all the activities will take place.
Frjemd Folk organizes a gig in de Dorpskerk in Huizum on Sunday afternoon the 20th of November. This gig is open for everybody. More information through the agenda and Facebook.

Posted on 09-07-2016



Saturday evening the 23rd of April 2016 we were in “de Rinkelblom” in Heerenveen. There were three choirs of Hinke Jelsma, Sjongerij de Sweach, Vocalinde and Zingen Voor Je Leven. This evening offered a diverse program, every choir has its own style and repertoire.
The evening was a repeat of the festive evening in Wolvega, last year, where all the choirs of Hinke were present as well. Will this become tradition?
After the official part Frjemd Folk has played some music in the foyer of “de Rinkelblom” during a pleasant after party. Again it lasted much longer than initially planned…

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Posted on 24-04-2016


Performance in Aldegea 30th of January.

Last Saturday January 30th we organized a gig in the Skippersseal in Aldegea (Sm) for the seventh time.
During this seventh edition we had famous storyteller Hilly Harms as a guest. She complemented the music with a fitting story about three farms in Scotland. In addition to that Minke Wagenaar has brought her musical contribution to the gig. She soloed in two of our songs and brought the song “Mag ik dan bij jou?” in her brilliant own style.
More than 120 visitors experienced another fantastic evening. On to the 8th edition!

Posted on 31-01-2016


Update site

We updated our site today. From now on you also can listen the music on tablets and other mobile devices. We can’t do this all by ourself. Thanks for the help we got!

Posted on 22-11-2015


Burdaard NL.

On the 14th of November we were able to perform in “MFC Het Spectrum” in Burdaard. A very nice accommodation. The hall was nicely filled with around 130 visitors. We have enjoyed singing and after the performance a very nice after-party started at the bar. There we have also sang a few more songs.
It reminded us of our pub-gigs in Ireland. A successful evening, to be repeated!

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Posted on 15-11-2015


Nij Beets, Festival "Skimerjűn" (Twilight Festival)

"Het Skimerjűnfestival" was held in museum Damhűs in Nij Beets at the 25th of September 2015. We had already sung there in 2011 and now we were invited again. We have performed two gigs, first in the small church "Small Wooden Heaven" and later on we sang at a campfire site. There were approximately 700 visitors at the festival. Next to Frjemd Folk there were more artists performing: Woody Boys, Irolt,Cochon Bleu, Sido Martens and Gealdr among others. A very diverse, but very select club. A very successful performance.

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Posted on 26-09-2015


Wolvega, Jubilee Hinke.

On April 11th 2015 we have celebrated Hinke Jelsma her jubilee, together with all her other choirs (Ons Genoegen, Lily Leaves, Sjongerij, Zingen voor je Leven and de Swemmersjongers) and her family as she has been conductor for 25 years now at Ons Genoegen in Oldeholtpade.
It was a tremendous evening in Victoria Park in Wolvega with hundreds of music friends. All these choirs performed that evening with as final part a version of “Home” from Dotan by all the 6 choirs together!
Congratulations from us as well! We are proud of you!

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Posted on 27-04-2015



On Friday the 13th of February we have had our annual performance for the sixth time in de Skippersseal in Aldegea. This time our guest was percussionist and guitar player Bert Dopstra. Early on de Skippersseal was already nicely filled and at 8 o'clock we had approximately 120 guests attending our performance, including the "Red Hats" a colourful ladies society. The evening spontaneously got the theme: "Four seasons in one day". A variegated mixture of old, but new songs as well. Several songs we conducted for the first time, for example the beautiful Sonny's Dream with Hinke as soloist. Again we can look back to a fantastic evening, which was in favour of the audience, and therefore for us as group as well. Onwards to the seventh edition we'd reckon.

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Posted on 17-02-2015


Oldeholtpade (NL) Irish Pub evening

On Saturday October 11th we had a nice gig in Oldeholtpade. For us this is a historic spot because we had our first live performance there, in 2008.
In the local pub, De Rustende Jager, (The Reposing Hunter) it was very pleasant this evening. The atmosphere could be compared with what we felt in the Dublin pubs. The audience came from a large area, from Dokkum to Amersfoort, we discovered.
For us this performance was a party again, and the audience felt the same way about that! To be repeated.

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Posted on 12-10-2014


Frjemd Folk in Dublin

We have visited Dublin from the 13th of August until the 17th of August 2014. The fulfillment of a longstanding cherished desire: performing in Ireland and let people hear our repertoire of songs. Some of us had travelled ahead and on Wednesday the 13th of August the rest of us arrived by airplane in the Irish capital. After we settled in our superb Bed and Breakfast, Anchor House, near the city center, we all took off to the center of the city. We have visited Molly Malone and spontaneously sang in front of the statue. We also visited the Temple Bar region, where we would perform on Thursday.
On Thursday we enjoyed a taste of culture, museum, or enjoyed a taste of beer during a visit in the Guinness brewery in separate groups. In the evening we were in the Auld Dubliner Pub, where we performed a gig of as many as three hours. The massive crowds, Irish people and tourists, enormously appreciated our performance. It was very extraordinary to perform in the heart of Dublin’s nightlife.
On Friday we got another good view of the city, by a tour on a bus among others. On Friday evening we had another performance in a large pub in another part of Dublin, close to our B&B, The O Shea’s Bar. This gig concluded in a party which all present people happily attended.
Saturday afternoon we performed during a street performance in one of the main shopping streets of Dublin, Henry Street. There are often street performances in the city centre. The large public was very diverse, Dubliners, but also many foreign visitors. They were very jubilant and even emotional because of the gig.
On Sunday the 17th of August most of us flew back to The Netherlands, the last friends returned the upcoming days.
For the members of Frjemd Folk this journey was a confirmation of the fact their style of making music is not only appreciated by the Dutch audience, but also by the residents of Ireland and the present tourists. This also projected in a few reactions through Facebook or by E-Mail.

-It was a real pleasure for us to meet you all, & it was especially interesting to listen & see you all sing & perform at O’ Sheas last Friday. And yes, it was especially interesting for us to watch Dutch musicians perform Irish music & songs in a way which grasped the mood & meaning of the music so well, for all of us in Dublin who listened & enjoyed it, thanks!

-I saw you in Dublin with my sisters - you were fantastic! An absolute pleasure to hear! Wonderful!

-"Your music continues to be the best we have heard"

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Posted on 30-08-2014


Nice PR for Frjemd Folk

On the occasion of our performance in “de Hossebos” in de Westereen there appeared a nice article about our group in the media. It reflected the atmosphere and our way of producing music in a very good manner. Obviously some attention was paid to our upcoming visit to Dublin. The last preparations are finished, our quarter makers have already departed to Ireland. We are very much looking forward to this. After our journey we will post reports and pictures on our website. Meanwhile follow us on Facebook!

Check out our picture section as well rubriek Pictures

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Moddergat, de Fűgelpits

On April 21th, Easter Monday, we had a performance during the nature market at the Fűgelpits in Moddergat (NL). Fugelpits is a place where oil-polluted birds are cleaned and recovered. This was another special location to perform. Although the weather was rainy, there were a lot of people visiting this event. We hope our show has given support to the work of this organization. For us it was a pleasure to do this.

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Geplaatst op 27-04-2014


A busy weekend for Frjemd Folk.

The first weekend of March was a busy weekend for us. We started in Oudega / Aldegea with a fantastic concert in De Skippersseal on Friday evening (see previous item)
As an extra surprise the performance of Eline Reitsma with her portrayal of Fields of Gold, accompanied by our (and her) Anne Johannes. An incredible pleasant evening we, and the audience, look back on with delight.
We sang during the Turfroutefestival in Gorredijk on Sunday afternoon. That was a whole different experience: performing in a theatre. There we also established a splendid performance where we got the whole audience standing up from their chairs.

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Posted on 06-03-2014


Oudega Skippersseal: Frjemd Folk and Friends

A concert will take place for the fifth time at De Skippersseal in Oudega (Sm) on Friday the 28th of February 2014 at 20.00 o’clock. This time we will perform with a couple of friends, Carla van Hoorn and Johanna Hamstra (a.k.a. Banjohanna) . Admission is free for this evening.
Carla van Hoorn is known from District 7 Coverband. Together with her Frjemd Folk previously performed at the Tsjoch Festival in Wommels in 2013. Johanna Hamstra is not unfamiliar in the music business of the North either. For years she performed in de Stroatklinkers, is often seen on stage with Gurbe Douwstra and can be heard on plenty of CDs. It promises to be an evening full variety, with our repertoire combined with that of Carla and Johanna!
We often perform in front of small audiences and our shows are often well attended. In recent years de Skippersseal was full during the concerts of Frjemd Folk. Here goes: be on time!

Posted on 01-02-2014


Leeuwarden, performance with Zingen voor je Leven choir.

Together with the choir Zingen voor je Leven we had a very nice show on Sunday the 19th of January 2014. It was a benefit concert for this choir, which is related to the foundation Kanker in Beeld. (Focus on cancer). A large audience attended our show, the hall was full of people, but very pleasant. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice dinner together with Zingen voor je Leven and a part of the audience. A successful day!

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On Friday 08-11-2013 we sang at Dorpshuis de Terp in Oosternijkerk. Agian a pleasant event! A nice hall where we were very close to the public.
This is the way we like the best.

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Posted on 10-11-2013


Tsjoch 36 Wommels

On the second of November, we sang the Tsjoch festival. It was a combined performance with Carla van Hoorn. An unexpectedly successful cooperation.
We Carla asked to perform again with us in the future and she has accepted our invitation..

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Posted on 05-11-2013


Aldegea 2014

Also in 2014 we will organize ourselves gradually usual performance in the Skipper Seal in Aldegea.
As it seems that will be on 28-02-2014. We really making something special out of it.
Keep the calendar on the site and the messages on Facebook in the eye!

Posted on 05-11-2013


In the newspapers

A nice article about us in the Streekkrant Fryslan (Frisian region newspaper) of 24-09-2013 in Dutch.

Posted on 25-09-2013


Local vocal (Lokaal Vocaal)

On Sunday June 9, we have completed the first half of this year with a couple of good performances in the Prinsentuin in Leeuwarden during Local Vocal.

Four of us had two choirs to sing along with. Our Hinke was even busier, she performed with three choirs: Frjemd Folk, Ons Genoegen from Oldeholtpade and Zingen Voor Je Leven. Busy, busy busy ...

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Posted on 10-06-2013


New pictures Wolvega on the site

We have posted some pictures of our performance in Wolvega

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Nu ook op Facebook!

Check onze pagina: 

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Nieuwe foto's

Foto's geplaatst van de optredens te Wierum en Oenkerk en het weekend naar Terschelling

Posted on 06-05-2013


Boppeslach in Buitenpost

Op 18-11-2012 hebben we een middagoptreden georganiseerd in de Kruidhof te Buitenpost. Over belangstelling hadden we niet te klagen: ca 120 personen. Naast de muziek hadden we een prachtige aanvulling op ons programma, verzorgd door de verhalenvertelster Hilly Harms. Zij vertelde het verhaal van Gerke de fisker. Het publiek, maar ook wij zelf, kunnen met genoegen op deze middag terugkijken. Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar. Voor foto's zie onze rubriek "foto's " en ook:

Posted on 19-11-2012


1e Lustrum gevierd.

Feest in Aldegea. Op vrijdagavond 24 februari 2012 hebben we in de Skippersseal ons vijf-jarig bestaan gevierd. Voor een volle zaal brachten we oude en nieuwe nummers. De optredens werden afgewisseld door Ierse verhalen die werden verteld door Hilly Harms. We hebben zelf heel veel plezier beleefd aan deze avond en we hebben de indruk dat ons publiek ook buitengewoon heeft genoten. Het was al zaterdag toen we naar huis gingen.

Toehoorders: bedankt voor uw bezoek de afgelopen vijf jaar. Frjemd Folk gaat met hetzelfde enthousiasme op naar de 10 jaar!

Posted on 25-02-2012


Succes met optreden met
Zingen Voor Je Leven op 9 oktober

Zondag 9 oktober hadden we een optreden met Zingen voor je Leven. Dit was in de Bidler in Wergea.

Dit koor is geliëerd aan het Toon Hermans Huis in Leeuwarden. Alle leden zijn zijdelings of persoonlijk  geconfronteerd met kanker en vinden in de muziek een steun bij de verwerking hiervan. Het koor staat onder de muzikale leiding van ons eigen Hinke Jelsma.

De opbrengst van deze middag, bijna 700 Euro,  was voor: het schoolprojekt Kula in Zuid Afrika.

Voor alle betrokkenen een zeer geslaagde middag!

Posted on 06-11-2011


Nu ook te volgen op Twitter

Frjemd Folk nu ook op Twitter. Wilt u op de hoogte blijven van wijzigingen in deze rubriek? Volg ons op @Frjemdfolknl.

Posted on 06-10-2011



Muziekfragmenten op onze site

We hebben een aantal live-muziekfragmenten op onze site geplaatst. U vindt ze in de rubriek Onze muziek, dus, even aanklikken en genieten maar!

De opnames zijn gemaakt tijdens ons optreden in Aldegea op 13 maart 2011.

Posted on 29-06-2011


Stipelrunte Trynwalden

Stipelrûnte op zaterdag 14 mei 2011 in Trynwâlden

Op deze zaterdag traden vele koren en groepen op. De lokaties:

  • Wyns, Vituskerk
  • Aldtsjerk, Pauluskerk
  • Readtsjerk, t Roodkerkje
  • Oentsjerk, Mariakerk
  • Oentsjerk, Ontmoetingskerk
  • Protestantse Kerk, Ryptsjerk
  • Gytsjerk, Martinuskerk
  • Wij hebben opgetreden in Wyns en Readtsjerk.

    Een prachtige muziekdag in de Trynwalden!

    Meer info:

    Posted on 22-05-2011



    Onze nieuwe flyer heeft het levenslicht gezien en kan vanaf nu worden gebruikt voor onze PR.

    Een geweldig resultaat. De foto's uit Janum zijn hier in opgenomen.

    Met dank aan Aldrik Pilat, Ernst Mebius, Alle Pilat en Tineke Feitsma!

    Posted on 22-05-2011


    optreden in Skippersseal

    Op vrijdag 11 maart hebben we weer een concert gegeven in de Skippersseal te Aldegea (Sm). Dit was een groot succes met veel publiek met een grote betrokkenheid. Dat brengt deze lokatie ook met zich mee.

    Deze keer trad ook Chris Kalsbeek op, met wie we al eens eerder te zien waren in het kerkje te Westhem. We hebben ook samen enkele nummers ten gehore gebracht.

    De muzikale begeleiding werd versterkt met Piet Van der Weg (bastuba) en Gerdien De Lange - Leguijt (viool)

    Wij hebben een heel goed gevoel overgehouden aan deze avond, het was echt een feest! Bezoekers bedankt!

    Zie ook de rubriek "foto's"

    Posted on 12-03-2011


    Fotoshoot Janum

    Zaterdag 5 maart waren we met z'n allen in Janum. Bij het oude kerkje heeft Tineke Feitsma foto's van onze groep gemaakt voor PR doeleinden.

    We werden gastvrij ontvangen door Mariëtte Romeijn en Yvonne van Osch. In de rubriek "foto's" is een deel van het resultaat te zien.

    Meer info over het kerkje van Janum op:

    Posted on 05-03-2011


    Tsjoch Festival in de Lawei 2010

    Op 25 september  2010 was het Tsjoch festival in de Lawei te Drachten. Dit is een evenement waar veel friese muziekgroepen zich presenteren. We hebben daar ook opgetreden, de zaal zat overvol !   Heel veel goede respons uit het publiek ontvangen.

    We hebben ook nog een optreden verzorgd op het “Open Podium”, ook hier hele leuke reakties.

    Een stukje Frjemd Folk van afgelopen zaterdag:

    Voor een verslag van het festival zie

    Posted on 28-09-2010


    Oefening baart kunst

    We oefenen doorgaans één keer in de veertien dagen op zondagavond. Omdat ons vaste onderkomen  herbouwd moet worden, oefenen we sinds maart 2010 veelal bij onze Frjemde Freon Alle Pilat in De Valom.

    Alle, bedankt voor de gastvrijheid.

    We oefenen daar in zijn meubelzaak, een aparte ervaring. We kunnen elke keer weer  zijn fraaie collectie bewonderen. Dit is overigens niet alleen voorbehouden aan Frjemd Folk, iedereen is welkom in Woonwinkel Alle-Pilat.

    Zeker de moeite waard !

    Posted on 27-09-2010

    UPDATE DECEMBER 2010:  sinds 12-12-2010 oefenen we weer op ons oude stekje aan de Boskreed te Kollumerzwaag.