About us

Frjemd Folk is a group of nine enthusiastic men and three women dedicated to Celtic Folk Music. On the initiative of Bram van der Weg and Hinke Jelsma, who is also responsible for part of the musical accompaniment, the group emerged in 2007. Unlike many other groups in this genre, the emphasis is on our vocals. You can think of vocal, polyphonic music.

Our singers: Hans, Gerko, Menno, Martin,Teye, Bram, Jaap en Cees.

Our musicians:

Anne J. Wagenaar: guitar.

Marleen Van der Lei: violin

Janet Hardorff: mandolin and guitar

Gerko Van der Lei: tin whistle and low whistle

Hinke Jelsma: piano, contrabass, accordion and concertina.

Since its launch in 2007 we developed a versatile repertoire, which will be constantly expanded and updated. Our group can present fascinating Celtic songs on a level. Celtic stories are also part of our afternoon or eveningprogram. Our performances are often at locations such as: a music cafe, a cultural center, a church and at Celtic or Irish festivals. We mainly play and sing Scottish and Irish songs. They fit the area, the history, the people and all the events of the last few centuries. The landscape,the struggle, the sorrow and love, provide enough inspiration for beautiful songs. The instrumentals- the jigs and reels- are great to listen and to dance to!

As traditions change, so does music: traditonals mingle with modern folk!